Jack's Story

My father’s parents immigrated to this country nearly 100 years ago; and my mother was one of eight children, born and raised in Brooklyn. My parents had but one high school diploma between them, but what they lacked in formal education, they made up for in work ethic and integrity.

Who they are is who I am.

Thanks to the lessons they taught me and the example they set, I earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, passed the CPA exam, and started and owned two very successful businesses and created real jobs. All right here, in New Jersey.

My wife, Melinda, and I are married 25+ years and have four children. We love New Jersey. I am determined to ensure that our state is a place where we can retire and that my children – and yours – have the opportunity to build their own lives and, one day, raise their own families here.

I’m running for Governor with a unique resume and real world experience to fix our broken state.

I am eager to earn your trust and your vote.

- Jack Ciattarelli


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