Ciattarelli-Allen Launch Website & 1st in a Series of Ads Targeting the Serial Mistreatment of Women Under Murphy

NEW: Ciattarelli-Allen Launch Website & 1st in a Series of Ads Targeting the Serial Mistreatment of Women Under Murphy 

SOMERVILLE, NJ — The Ciattarelli-Allen ticket today launched a website and the first in a series of ads targeting the mistreatment of women under Governor Murphy, starting with the Governor, First Lady, and Murphy's inner circle of powerful men who willfully ignored Katie Brennan's pleas for help at every turn as she sought to report her rape allegations and seek justice resulting from her harrowing experience on the Murphy campaign.

Click here or on the image above to watch the digital advertisement.

"Governor Murphy has continually covered up for powerful men throughout his career in government, politics and business at the expense of women who have stood up as victims of abuse, discrimination, misogyny and sexual assault," said Senator Diane Allen. "From his time at Goldman Sachs, to his tenure as Ambassador to Germany, to the women's soccer team he owns, to his campaign, and right through his administration, victims have been ignored and their pleas for help swept under the rug. Governor Murphy only acts when his career or his reputation are threatened. It's always about him, and never about the women who have been so badly mistreated, or worse."

The Ciattarelli-Allen campaign launched a website for New Jerseyans to learn more about the Murphy Administration's bad record when it comes to responding to women's abuse.

"No young woman should be forced to endure what Katie Brennan went through. Her courage in speaking out against the Murphy campaign's toxic culture took great strength and is rightfully admired by young women regardless of party affiliation," said Stami Williams, campaign spokeswoman. "Governor Murphy, on the other hand, should be ashamed of his behavior. At best, he is guilty of a stunning lack of leadership and empathy about what is happening within his own campaign after receiving Ms. Brennan's email, and at worst, a willingness to sweep sexual assault under the rug to get elected governor."


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