Ciattarelli blasts Murphy 'bait and switch' budget deal - New Jersey Globe

Gov. Phil Murphy is playing a “bait-and-switch” game with middle class New Jerseyans, said GOP gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli.

“Telling middle-class New Jerseyans you are giving them a tax cut after borrowing $4 billion that they’ll have to repay for thirty years, raising their gas taxes to 50 cents a gallon, and increasing their tolls by 36% is equal parts insulting and offensive,” said Ciattarelli.  “Frankly, it’s a dishonest bait and switch that proves this Governor will say or do anything to advance his tax, spend, and borrow agenda at the expense of our state’s future.”

Ciattarelli, a former assemblyman, is the only announced Republican candidate to challenge Murphy next year.

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