Ciattarelli Calls for Full Reopening of New Jersey's Economy

Says Murphy’s fear-based approach isn’t how leaders deal with challenges

SOMERVILLE, NJ MBA/CPA, successful small businessman, and Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Jack Ciattarelli released the following statement on his proposal for reopening New Jersey's economy, promoting personal responsibility and choice, and getting our children back to in-person learning:
"In March 2020, Governor Murphy declared a State of Emergency and invoked his executive powers. Fourteen months later, he is still ruling by executive order and our school children, small businesses, and state economy are still suffering," said Ciattarelli. “It is past time for a new approach and bold leadership.”
Ciattarelli said Murphy’s executive orders and lack of clear direction have people confused, frustrated, and scared.  

"Governor Murphy once claimed 'data would determine dates.' More than a year into this pandemic, however, he refuses to provide any clear reasoning behind his executive orders. He also fails to provide firm dates for the reopening of our economy and our lives,” said Ciattarelli. “He has opened the doors to nursing homes, where our most vulnerable live and over 8,000 have died due to his negligence. At the same time, he has closed the doors to schools, where our least vulnerable learn and need to be full-time. The result has been a lost year for so many of our students, with gaps in education and mental health issues skyrocketing.”

As governor, Ciattarelli would offer a clear and defined timetable for reopening and easing restrictions.

He calls on Governor Murphy to do the following:
  • End emergency powers immediately and allow for the legislature to reassert its constitutional and equal role in our government.
  • Lift all indoor gathering limits by May 15. While indoor mask requirements would continue in the short term, they should be eased or eliminated as vaccination rates rise.
  • Lift all outdoor gathering limits by May 15. Social distancing would still be encouraged, but end the outdoor mask mandate on May 15.
  • Reopen bar seating for traditional service at restaurants.
Specific to our K-12 public school system:
  • Though a local decision, encourage school districts, based on the easing of restrictions, to allow both high school proms and graduations to proceed.
  • Cover the cost of optional summer enrichment programs and tutoring for students, with a priority on special needs students.
  • Require schools to reopen for full-time, in-person learning next September with the state providing, if necessary, grants for public health measures (i.e. improving air ventilation systems).
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