Ciattarelli Continues Call to Rein in Governor Murphy's Executive Powers

TRENTON, NJ – Jack Ciattarelli, MBA/CPA, former State Assemblyman, and Republican frontrunner for governor released the following statement before heading to the “Together New Jersey” event at the Trenton State House to voice his strong opposition to A5777 and S3820, bills that take away the balance of power in the legislature and grant the governor permanent executive power:

“Make no mistake, Phil Murphy has no problem hijacking our democracy and wielding the power of a king while making unilateral decisions without any regard to whom he is impacting. It is the job of the legislature on both sides of the aisle to end the insanity in Trenton. In the strongest terms possible, I am calling on the State Senate and Assembly to put aside partisan politics, do the right thing, and end any measures that grant the governor permanent executive power. As New Jersey’s next governor, I will proudly leave the power where it belongs, with the people and the local leaders they have elected.”

Jack 4 NJ