Ciattarelli endorsed by Gannon, DeCroce - New Jersey Globe

By David Wildstein, December 09 2020 2:40 pm

“Jack has the passion and commitment we need at the top of our ticket next year,” said Gannon, one of the county’s top vote-getters.  “Jack is solutions oriented and he’s got a proven track record in both the private and public sector.  But what stands out the most is the kind of person he is.  He’s a family man and his heart and soul are 100% into fixing New Jersey.”

DeCroce said she served with Ciattarelli in the legislature “and saw firsthand his willingness to tackle tough issues and put common sense ideas into action.”|

“Jack is the kind of candidate who will appeal to the suburban voters we need to take back local seats here in Morris County, and put our party on offense across the entire state,” DeCroce stated.

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Jack 4 NJ