Ciattarelli Fundraising Shows Momentum to Beat Governor Murphy in November

SOMERVILLE, NJ – MBA/CPA, two-time small businessman, and Republican frontrunner for governor, Jack Ciattarelli released the following statement as his campaign narrows in on its maximum fundraising limit: 
“Our great state is on the brink of no return – families, businesses, and jobs are fleeing New Jersey in droves, livelihoods are being destroyed, people aren’t returning to work, and Phil Murphy is allowing his special interests to take priority over all else,” said Ciattarelli. "For Republicans and all New Jerseyans, nothing is more important than restoring our state from the chaos and failed policies of Governor Murphy."
"Jack's opponents have failed to generate any grassroots excitement, while Jack continues to demonstrate that he has what it takes to not only defeat Murphy in November but be the strong leader New Jersey desperately needs,” added Finance Chairman and Former New Jersey Devils Owner, Jeff Vanderbeek. “Our successful fundraising efforts in all 21 counties prove that Jack is the only candidate in this race who has the momentum to make Phil Murphy a one-term governor. As the only candidate that has qualified for matching funds, with total contributions about to exceed the $2.5 million match threshold, enthusiasm for Jack is growing, and I’m proud to help make sure we keep it going.”

Jack 4 NJ