Ciattarelli: Murphy and Grewal Go Too Far

Ciattarelli: Murphy and Grewal Go Too Far
Joins Police Unions in Calling on the Attorney General to Protect State Troopers and their Families
Today, Jack Ciattarelli issued the following statement:
"As a state and country, we must take decisive action to ensure bad cops are out of uniform and off the streets. That includes releasing the names of law enforcement officers terminated or found guilty of violations such as excessive use of force or racial bias. However, Attorney General Grewal's unilateral decision to publicly name state troopers disciplined as far back as 20 years ago, many for minor administrative violations, is a bridge too far.
I agree with the police unions who rightfully say that the plan to unmask and re-punish troopers for decades-old and long since resolved issues serves no legitimate purpose. It is particularly galling given that Governor Murphy and AG Grewal push this ill-conceived plan at the same time they eagerly expunge the records of individuals convicted of crimes like armed robbery.
How is it possible that the State removes the names of criminal offenders from the Department of Corrections Offender Search web page after a year, but wants to post in perpetuity the names of troopers with an administrative violation? That's absurd. It’s political grandstanding at its worst.
A good number of the names that AG Grewal plans to release include troopers granted retirement or no longer involved in law enforcement. Some have even passed away, leaving their families to see the names of their loved ones dragged through the mud with no ability to defend themselves.
I join with the police unions in calling on the AG to protect troopers and their families from becoming potential targets of violence or harassment, rescind his order, and come up with a more reasonable and appropriate plan."
Jack 4 NJ