Ciattarelli Makes Pledge To Give Power Back to Taxpayers, Make Budget Process Transparent

TRENTON, NJ – Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican candidate for New Jersey governor, called for changes in Trenton yesterday to improve transparency, hold legislators accountable, and empower taxpayers in the wake of yesterday's shameful backroom deal: 

“That our state's $45 billion, 281-page budget was voted on 11 minutes after it became publicly available for review is offensive, and exemplifies everything that is wrong with Phil Murphy's Trenton," said Ciattarelli, citing stats reported from the NJ Globe yesterday. "When I am governor, this ends. Today, I am announcing that under a Ciattarelli Administration, I will veto any bill sent to my desk that has not been made available to the public and noticed for consideration at least one week before a committee vote. No more backroom deals that disrespect the taxpayers, stifle free press, and embarrass our state. It is far past time to restore transparency and decency to New Jersey’s government."

Jack 4 NJ