Ciattarelli Responds to Rising Crime Rate in Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican nominee for New Jersey governor, released the following statement after Governor Murphy's statement about the rising crime rate in Atlantic City:

“Once again, Governor Phil Murphy’s response, this time on New Jersey’s rising crime rate, is totally unacceptable and profoundly embarrassing. There is one reason crime is on the rise and it's not the pandemic, the heat, the humidity, or any other made-up excuse - it's Governor Phil Murphy. Our Governor's actions, policies, and words have undermined public respect for, and the authority of, our brave men and women in law enforcement. The sad reality is that Atlantic City and our communities across the state will continue to get more dangerous so long as we have a governor who panders to the extremists in his national party, all at the expense of public safety in our state”

Jack 4 NJ