Ciattarelli Says Murphy’s Underwhelming Performance Not Fooling New Jerseyans

SOMERVILLE, NJ – Over 300 days late and several dollars short, Governor Murphy doled out an extremely underwhelming performance during a “highly-anticipated” press conference this afternoon. Jack Ciattarelli, MBA/CPA and Republican frontrunner for governor, responded: 

“Apparently Governor Murphy woke up after the Oscars and decided to put on a performance of his own. His press conference today was nothing but more political theater. 

“Once again, Murphy offered no consistency. No timeline to fully reopen indoor dining or bring state employees back to work. No science, other than political science, and no end in sight for government by executive whim. 

“The people of New Jersey see through this nonsense and they are tired of it. They deserve a real plan for a full reopening, with real timelines and an end to limitless executive orders. That’s what I’ve put forward and what my fellow residents can expect from me as governor. Enough is enough.”

Click here to review Ciattarelli’s plan to fully reopen New Jersey.
Jack 4 NJ