Ciattarelli tells Murphy to quit DGA so he can read SCI report - New Jersey Globe

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli wants Gov. Phil Murphy to resign as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association so that he could have time to read the State Commission on Investigation’s report about patronage at the embattled New Jersey Schools Development Authority.

Murphy said on Friday that he had not read the report that was released two days earlier because he had been

“Cut the crap, Governor. Do your job,” Ciattarelli said.  “If the Governor is telling the truth about how truly busy he is, then, for the good of the state, he should step down as Chair of the DGA. I’m calling on him to resign that position immediately.”

Ciattarelli accused Murphy of using COVID-19 as a shield to avoid discussing the SCI report.

“Governor Murphy said yesterday that he hasn’t had time to read the report because he’s too busy ‘saving lives.’ Given the Governor’s pattern of deception, who is he kidding? This is insulting,” Ciattarelli said.

Murphy told the New Jersey Globe in August that he spends a few hours a week working in his capacity as DGA chairman, a job that involves mostly fundraising.

“He apparently had plenty of time to begin his own re-election campaign just this past week,” Ciattarelli stated.  “How many lives were lost while he did all that?”

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