Ciattarelli will offer common-sense strategies after the COVID-19 crisis - The Bergen Record

In a democratic republic, the concept of a loyal opposition is extremely important. The loyalty at hand is not to the party in the majority of the seats of power nor to their agenda, but rather it is to the source of political authority. In the United Kingdom, where the concept arose, the source of authority is the head of state — the ruling monarch and thus this loyalty is legally to the crown despite whatever differences the opposition has with the head of government and her/his party. In a democratic republic, such as the United States of American and each of its component states, this loyalty is to the people and the constitutional guarantees that protects them from the tyranny.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, on its public health, economic, and civil rights aspects, there is one statewide New Jersey leader who has risen to be the head of the loyal opposition. That leader is Jack Ciattarelli.

That is no surprise. Ciattarelli officially announced his gubernatorial candidacy months before the crisis and is the leading Republican opposing Gov. Phil Murphy’s agenda. what makes him leader of the state opposition to the Democrats is that when others stood down, he stood up. It was Ciattarelli, the veteran former New Jersey State Assemblyman, freeholder and municipal councilman, who was the first to state that Murphy was unnecessarily leading New Jersey through fear rather than hope in what were already fearful times.

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