Thanks New Jersey Republicans for their support, calls for Party unity to defeat Phil Murphy in November

SOMERSET, NJ – Jack Ciattarelli, MBA/CPA, two-time successful small businessman, and Republican candidate for governor released the following statement after becoming the Republican nominee to take on Governor Phil Murphy in November:
"Tonight New Jerseyans showed they are ready for a change, and we are just getting started," said Ciattarelli. "The fact is, after four years of Murphy's failed leadership, our state is struggling. New Jersey pays the highest property taxes in the nation. Small businesses have been decimated. 8,000 seniors and veterans died. New Jerseyans from Cape May to High Point have been forgotten and ignored. We need a governor who puts New Jersey first. A governor who will listen to and respect everyone, even those who may disagree.
"This campaign is not going to be easy. Murphy will seek to divide us and he will do everything possible to distract you from his failed record. Here is my message for New Jersey tonight: come hell or high water, we will make New Jersey more affordable by lowering property taxes. We will create jobs. We will bring Main Street small businesses back to life. We will reduce the size and cost of government. New Jersey, we can do better. When I'm governor, we will."
Jack 4 NJ