Freedom for Freelancers

"New Jersey workers deserve the freedom to decide their own employment arrangements. They don’t need - or want - big government to limit their dreams of being an entrepreneur, or hinder the high-earning potential that independent, self-employed work can bring. Many independent contractors are women and seniors who choose self-employment to have the freedom to set their own hours and the flexibility to accommodate their many responsibilities. We should respect their decision on what is best for them and their families.”

-- Jack Ciattarelli


  • End the Murphy Labor Department’s policy enshrining the outdated ABC test as the employee classification standard, which is not fair to writers, musicians, nurses, online teachers, and many others who wish to operate as independent contractors
  • Adopt the fairer, more comprehensive and nuanced IRS 20-factor test, which offers a much clearer assessment of an individual’s actual work situation
  • Appoint a Commissioner of Labor who understands that not all who work wish to be direct employees, and who will ensure that misclassification reviews are balanced, unbiased, and take the evolution of the modern-day workforce into account

Do you agree?

Jack 4 NJ