Fox News: NJ's Ciattarelli touts he's only Republican who can beat Democrat Gov. Murphy

Ciattarelli keeps laser focus on Murphy, charges his COVID ‘decisions failed us’

By Paul Steinhauser
May 14, 2021
Fox News

A confident Jack Ciattarelli likes to say he's the only New Jersey Republican who can unseat Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy in this November's election.

Pointing to his impressive fundraising figures, which were released this week by New Jersey officials, Ciattarelli touted in a Fox News interview Thursday that "what it tells me is people like what they see and hear from me and my campaign. I think we made the case that there’s only one Republican that can beat Phil Murphy in November and that’s Jack Ciattarelli."


According to official numbers, Ciattarelli has hauled in $5.7 million, second only to Murphy. And he's dramatically outraised the two more conservative candidates who are also vying for the Republican nomination, Hirsh Singh, who unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate last year, and Phil Rizzo, a pastor and former real estate developer.

"What's really pleasing to me is that there’ve been contributions large and small from people in all 21 counties. That’s also a very good indication of our energy and momentum," Ciattarelli highlighted.


"When you’re a gubernatorial candidate, there’s always going to be one type of criticism or another," he said. "My focus is on Phil Murphy. And here's one thing I know about all 1.4 million Republicans in New Jersey, none of them want to see Phil Murphy get a second term. It’s my job to get all of us to rally around that very point."


"My job is to reestablish the New Jersey Republican brand, which is always focused on a commonsense approach to governance, truly having an impact on the quality of life for its citizens. So again, my focus continues to be voters and it’s their endorsement I seek."


He takes aim at Murphy, saying, "You expect your governor to keep the most vulnerable safe, you expect your governor to minimize the impact of any economic catastrophe, you expect your governor to run a transparent and competent state government. I believe that our governor has failed on all three of those objectives."

And he attacks Murphy over the coronavirus pandemic, which hit New Jersey particularly hard.

"I do believe that Phil Murphy’s decisions failed us. We lead the nation in nursing home deaths," Ciattarelli charged. "I believe this administration has been incompetent. I believe we can do better and when I’m governor we will."

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