Improve Education & Empower Parents

“Education is the foundation upon which our children’s futures are built, and no one understands a child’s educational needs better than the child's parents. However, the jarring experience of school closures and remote learning during the pandemic has not only caused significant learning setbacks and psychological harm to our children, but it also highlighted a profound schism between what parents and students need and what some school district administrators and boards of education are willing to provide. As Governor, I will overhaul our education system to ensure that we empower parents to choose what works for each child and family; and we will align public education resources according to parent and student needs.” 

– Jack Ciattarelli


  • Create school-based parent councils to advise local school boards on curriculum selection, learning modality and potential school closures and other health and safety measures; require public hearings before decisions in these areas are implemented.
  • Eliminate mask mandates in K-12 schools and allow parents to make health decisions that are appropriate for their children and family circumstances.
  •  Provide transparency to parents by requiring K-12 curriculum sources to be posted online at the beginning of each school year.
  •  Reform requirements for sexual and social education to make content less dogmatic and more age-appropriate for elementary and middle school-aged children.
  •  Expand school choice options by creating more charter school seats and loosening restrictions on the inter-district public school choice program to allow parents real choices in the schools their children attend.
  •  Coordinate the expansion of pre-K utilizing existing private day care providers, making sure the money aligns to parent choice and student need.
  • Expand vocational/technical education opportunities by collaborating with key stakeholders, including school boards and labor unions, to:
    •  identify and recruit students suited for these career paths
    •  incentivize high schools to better prepare students for these opportunities
  • Ensure that the negative consequences of remote schooling are addressed as students continue to advance their education, especially in disadvantaged communities; 
  •  Reduce the cost of higher education at state colleges and universities by $5,000 to $10,000 per New Jersey student by executing a top-to-bottom cost-savings audit at each state college and university.

Do you agree?

Jack 4 NJ