Jack Ciattarelli Releases New Statewide TV Advertisement, 'Failed'

NEW: Jack Ciattarelli Releases Statewide TV Advertisement, 'Failed'

SOMERVILLE, NJ – Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican candidate for New Jersey Governor, released a statewide television and digital advertisement titled 'Failed' in the New York City and Philadelphia Designated Market Areas (DMA) and online.


Click here or on the image below to watch ‘Failed’



Jack Ciattarelli: Have you seen the ads? Phil Murphy's lying about me. I would too if I had his record. 

I'm Jack Ciattarelli. Phil Murphy's failed us at every turn.

He's increased spending 11 billion dollars. Are you better off? Murders and gun violence are way up. The lines at Motor Vehicles are a joke.

And we have the highest property taxes in the nation, yet Phil Murphy says if taxes are your issue, then we're probably not your state.

No wonder he wants to change the subject.

New Jersey, we can do better. When I'm Governor, we will.


"It's no surprise that Phil Murphy has resorted to lying about me in his latest ads. It's all an attempt to distract from his own failed record," said Ciattarelli, an MBA/CPA who started two successful Main Street businesses. "Hard-working residents throughout the state are burdened by the highest taxes in the nation and have been left to fend for themselves by an incompetent state government. They're tired of politicians who are more concerned with pointing fingers than providing solutions. It's time to tackle the top issues facing New Jersey families and build a government that serves its citizens effectively. When I'm Governor, we will." 

"Even Governor Murphy knows that our plan to Fix New Jersey by lowering property taxes, creating jobs, supporting law enforcement, and streamlining state government is resonating with voters. That's why he's resorted to such dishonest campaign tactics," said former State Senator Diane Allen. "Over the next 40 days, Governor Murphy will do everything he can to avoid discussing his track record of tax hikes, rising crime, and failing to protect women. Thankfully, New Jersey residents are smarter than he thinks – we know the mess Murphy has made. He can't hide behind his lies."


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