Jack's Voting Reform Plan

In response to a partisan attack launched on Jack Ciattarelli, we wanted to point out a few basic facts about Jack’s voting reform plan:
  • Modernizes and reforms our elections
  • Removes inactive voters from the voter rolls
  • Promotes early in-person voting and fair elections
For the mayors attacking Jack today, why did they refuse to criticize Governor Murphy for his decision to effectively "purge" over 425,000 voters by refusing to send them mail-in ballots in last November’s election? Likewise, where was the criticism when Senator Weinberg's proposal for online voter registration required a valid driver's license?
“Jack’s sole focus is to make sure as many people as possible are voting and to improve New Jersey’s system in a bipartisan way," said Stami Williams, Communications Director for the Ciattarelli campaign. "Sadly, instead of working across the aisle to make elections more free and fair, it seems some Democrats are intent on scoring political points instead of finding solutions and common ground."
Click here to review Jack's plan.
Jack 4 NJ