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Jack Chat: Protecting Police Compensation, Health Benefits, and Pensions


Police deserve to have their compensation, health benefits, and pensions protected. When I become Governor, the Attorney General and I will have your backs. Many police officers feel burned by previous governors. Past broken promises are not a scar, but still an open wound. But, just as a cop doesn’t want to be judged on what another cop does, I ask for the same impartiality.


NEW AD: Phil Murphy has a shameful history of protecting powerful men at the expense of women. Time and time again, Murphy prioritizes his survival over the protection of victims. It’s time for Murphy to be held accountable. Learn more at: www.PhilMurphyDoesNotCare.com

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Women's Equality Day


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One Issue

Jack Chat: Israel Objectives


Blame The Heat

Murphy wants to blame the heat for the rise in crime. Make no mistake, Phil Murphy’s extreme, far-left policies and anti-police agenda are to blame for the lacking sense of safety and protection in our state.







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