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Jack Chat: Teacher Pensions


Governor Phil Murphy and the NJEA union leadership are lying about me again. The truth is Phil Murphy doesn’t care about teachers. All he really wants are the millions in campaign cash the NJEA union bosses are happy to give him. All I want is your vote and for us to work together to fix New Jersey. Know this, your pension is safe with me.

Senator Diane Allen: Get Out and Vote, New Jersey!

Latinos for Jack!

Thank you for your support, Naomy! Together, we can and WILL fix New Jersey! Click READ MORE to see translation. 

We Need A Governor Who Can Fix It

The state we love is broken, and we need a Governor who can fix it. We can move beyond Phil Murphy's failed leadership starting right now. My focus is very simple: lower property taxes, create more jobs, streamline state government, support local and state police, and get back to basics for our children in school. I ask for your support this Election Day.

We can fix New Jersey, together.

Help Wanted

Pandemics aren’t easy, we get it. But Phil Murphy’s lockdowns only made it worse - 1/3 of small businesses closed for good - 50% of which were owned by females and minorities, “Help Wanted” everywhere. We can do better. When I’m Governor, we will!

Debate Clip: Kitchen Table

Phil Murphy mocked the kitchen table at the last date - apparently he doesn't believe that some subject matter is best left to parents. New Jersey, we can do better. When I'm Governor, we will.

Death Sentence

Phil Murphy was warned. He knew forcing COVID-19 patients into veteran and nursing homes would result in countless preventable deaths - and yet, he did it anyway. Now, Biden's own administration is investigating Phil Murphy's disastrous policies.

Jack Chat: Support Our Men & Women in Blue

Crime and threats against our police are up, while morale and recruiting are down. Make no mistake, Phil Murphy’s extreme, far-left policies are to blame. When I’m Governor, that is going to change. 99.9% of our police officers are good and decent men and women who put their lives on the lines for us. They deserve a governor who stands with them.

My Plan to Fix New Jersey

As a lifelong New Jerseyan, I see the problems that have left our state broken - out-of-control taxes, spending and debt, small businesses shutting down forever, failed leadership on the pandemic.... All this and more is why I'm running for Governor. I have the right experience to help get the state we know and love on the right track.

I recently sat down with Lia Lopes, a fellow NJ resident, to talk about my platform as the Republican Nominee for Governor. Watch to learn more about how I plan to lower property taxes, address New Jersey's affordability crisis, build a stronger economy for our businesses, support law enforcement, improve our school curriculums and more.

Who Does That?

Tone-deaf and out of touch. Phil Murphy just doesn't get it. He has failed us time and time again.
New Jersey, we can do better. When I'm Governor, we will.

Jack 4 NJ