Media Roundup: Jack Ciattarelli Selects Diane Allen as Running Mate

Here is what New Jersey's top media outlets are saying about the Ciattarelli-Allen ticket...

Diane Allen takes aim at Murphy record on women as she is introduced as Ciattarelli’s running mate

By Brent Johnson

Moments after formally being introduced as the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in New Jersey, former state Sen. Diane Allen 
wasted little time Wednesday criticizing Gov. Phil Murphy over tax hikes, law enforcement, and the state’s unemployment woes.

But the veteran lawmaker saved her sharpest attacks for how the Democratic governor has been repeatedly rocked by allegations 
that women who worked for him were mistreated and accusations his administration was slow to respond to alleged abuse at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility, the state women’s prison.

It seems all the women in his orbit are put aside,” 
Allen said after Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican challenging Murphy, introduced her as his running mate during an event in her hometown of Moorestown. They’re thought of as less than. And the men seem to be always be taken care of.


“I’m sure you, like me, as you read about this for months about what had gone on, that women were being tortured, they were being raped, they were being violently beaten,” Allen said. “It’s beyond anything that you can imagine. 
But here’s the thing: The governor did nothing for days, for weeks, for months. He did nothing.” (, 8/4/21)

It’s Jack and Diane: Ciattarelli picks Allen as Lt. Governor candidate

By David Wildstein

Allen is a legendary lawmaker whose 22-year record in the state legislature has won plaudits from Democrats, including Gov. Phil Murphy and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg. First Lady Tammy Murphy contributed $1,000 to Allen’s campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2002.

A proven vote-getter in South Jersey, where she won six elections in a largely Democratic district along the Delaware River, Allen was widely-known as a television news anchor for network affiliates in Philadelphia.

With Allen, Ciattarelli gets a running mate who comes with immediate gravitas – and 
one that won’t hesitate to throw a punch, particularly on issues of sexual harassment.

Prior to launching her political career 26 years ago, Allen was widely-known as a television news anchor and journalist.


Three months after taking office, Murphy signed the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act,
 which strengthened protections for pay equity and employment discrimination. Allen had advocated for the measure for years.

At the bill signing, Murphy told Allen that the new law 
“cements your legacy as a lawmaker who worked across the aisle to do the right things for our state.”


She’s also one of New Jersey’s most eclectic politicians. A former Miss Burlington County, she was also a daredevil hang-glider – Allen won a national hang-gliding championship in 1973 — judo expert, national swimming champion, pilot, and sharpshooter. (
New Jersey Globe, 8/2/21)

With Diane Allen as LG pick, Republicans foresee boost in state legislative races

By Joey Fox

With Jack Ciattarelli picking former State Sen. Diane Allen as his running mate, the Republican nominee for governor no doubt hopes South Jersey will appreciate that he chose one of their own for his gubernatorial ticket – the first time that’s happened since 1993. But Ciattarelli’s choice may also have consequences elsewhere: on the battle for state legislative seats.

South Jersey is home to the two districts, the 2nd and the 8th, that are shaping up to be the most competitive districts in the state this November. While other districts around the state are leaning more obviously towards one party or the other, both parties agree that the 2nd and 8th districts are top-tier races.


Stanfield herself agreed that Allen – who is also her personal friend and mentor – would be a key factor in her race against Addiego.

I know people will be running to the polls to vote for her,
 Stanfield said. “It’s definitely going to be a big boost for us. She’s got everyone’s respect and fantastic name recognition, so having her as part of the team is going to give us quite a boost. (New Jersey Globe, 8/4/21)

Ciattarelli, Allen attack Murphy record on women as ticket debuts

By Michael Symons

The newly minted Republican ticket for governor and lieutenant governor attacked Gov. Phil Murphy for alleged indifference or mistreatment of women Wednesday, capped off by a stop at scandal-dogged prison for women in Hunterdon County.

Gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli, a former assemblyman, made official his selection of former Sen. Diane Allen as his running mate at two rollout events – first at the Burlington County Agricultural Center in Moorestown, then at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women just outside of Clinton.

Diane Allen is a champion for equality and a trailblazer for women’s rights, respected by Democrats, Republicans and independents across New Jersey,
 Ciattarelli said. That stands in stark contrast to Phil Murphy, who has a troubling and shameful track record of repeatedly siding with powerful men at the expense of women who have been victims of abuse, harassment and rape.


“This isn’t the first time that he stuck his head in the sand on an issue that involved women. But this one was just so egregious,” Allen said. “… And this is what he does. Whenever there are issues involving women in his orbit, where things are going wrong and women are being hurt or victimized, he turns away from it until the blowback hits him. And then maybe he’ll do something. We can’t wait for that.”


Allen cited other topics involving women, as well: Katie Brennan, the 2017 campaign aide who said she was raped by a colleague who was nevertheless hired by the administration; Julie Roginsky, a campaign consultant who complained of a toxic work environment in 2017; the handling of harassment claims at the U.S. Embassy in Germany when Murphy was ambassador; and management and living-condition problems with the women’s professional soccer Murphy owns.

I mean, he treats women in a certain way, and it’s not a way that we ever want to see,” 
Allen said. “… There are a lot of very strong women in New Jersey, and I say we all must stand up and say that we will not stand for Gov. Murphy and his administration treating women the way that he has.


Allen, a former reporter and TV news anchor in Philadelphia, was elected to the Assembly in 1995 and then the Senate in 1997. She won re-election to the Senate five times. But her first try for office was a bid for the Moorestown school board – in which she said she finished seventh in a six-candidate race due to write-in votes.

“They basically told me that I was too young. I’ve solved that one,” said Allen, 73. “They told me that I didn’t know how to play politics the right way. I still don’t. Don’t want to know. And they told me that it wasn’t my turn. Well, Jack says it’s my turn. It’s our turn. And we’re going to win.” (
NJ 101.5, 8/4/21)

Ciattarelli and Allen, at Edna Mahan, lambaste Murphy on treatment of inmates and women

By Daniel Han

Republican gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciatterelli and his newly announced running mate Diane Allen lambasted Gov. Phil Murphy Wednesday afternoon over the treatment of inmates at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility, building upon their earlier criticisms of Murphy’s treatment of women. 

Standing in front of the Hunterdon County facility, Allen ripped into Murphy for conditions at the state’s only women's prison. While abuses at Edna Mahan predate the Democratic governor’s administration, they have persisted throughout his tenure. A federal report from 2020 found that sexual assault was rampant at the facility and a scandal earlier this year led to 10 corrections officers being charged 
with either beating or covering up assault on inmates.


“Women were being tortured, they were being raped, or being violently beaten,” Allen, a former state senator, said. “But here's the thing: The Governor did nothing for days, for weeks, for months. He did nothing. … This isn't the first time that he stuck his head in the sand on an issue that involved women”


The Murphy campaign did not respond to a request for comment. 


Allen’s remarks mirror comments she made earlier in the day at an event in Moorestown, where she
 also criticized Murphy on issues relating to the treatment of women. She referenced sexual assault allegations from the governor’s 2017 campaign, poor conditions on the women's soccer team Murphy co-owns and complaints on how harassment claims within the German embassy were dealt when Murphy was ambassador there.

“We need to make this governor one and done,” Allen said, echoing an unofficial campaign slogan Ciattarelli often uses. 
We need to do it for your mom and your daughter and your wife and your sister. We need to do it for all the women in your life.” (Politico New Jersey, 8/4/21)

Diane Allen, a former lawmaker and Philly news anchor, will be the GOP candidate for N.J. lieutenant governor
A longtime advocate for pay equity, Allen is widely respected in New Jersey political circles for her history of working with members of both parties.

By Allison Steele

Allen represented a Democratic-leaning district in Burlington County from 1998 until her retirement in
 2018. A former television and radio anchor in Philadelphia, she was a championship hang-glider in the 1970s. She was known in Trenton as fiscally conservative but moderate on social issues, and as a champion of pay equity for women. In 2018, Murphy signed landmark legislation bearing her name: the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act, which protects against employment discrimination.


After leaving the Senate, she launched a political action committee aimed at electing more women to public office. “I truly believe until our legislature reflects the people we represent, we don’t have a true democracy,” she told The Inquirer at the time.


“When I first got into [politics], there seemed to be more camaraderie across the aisle than there is now,” she said. “People spent more time together. They’d have lunch together. They don’t do that now.” (
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/2/21)

Who Is Ciattarelli's Running Mate Diane Allen? See Key Issues

By Anthony Bellano

Former State Sen. Diane Allen was settling into her retirement when she got a phone call that would change the course of her plans.

"When he called oh-so-recently, Sam and I looked at each other, and Sam said, 'you gotta do this,'" Allen told a crowd gathered at the Burlington County Agricultural Center in Moorestown Wednesday morning. "And here I am."


The second stop was to come at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton later in the day. Gov. Phil Murphy announced in June that he would close the correctional facility after it was reported that officers at the prison had beaten inmates.

It's an issue Ciattarelli brought up during his speech, as he pointed to Allen's credentials as a "champion of equality and women's rights," calling it a sharp contrast with Murphy. Allen said she joined the Ciattarelli campaign more than a year ago when the Republican candidate selected her to oversee responses to any allegations of discrimination and harassment.

"I'm happy to report that no one has contacted me to say there has been a single problem," Allen said, referring to issues that plagued Murphy's 2017 campaign.


She said she was "happily retired," but as time went on, she became concerned about issues like the MVC, unemployment, taxes, and the state's overall response to help its own residents.

"We don't want you to feel like you're stuck in New Jersey,
Allen said. "We want you to feel like you're happy to be in New Jersey, and we're going to change things.(Patch, 8/4/21)



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