New Ad: Phil Murphy Chooses Radical Policy Over Public Safety

NEW AD: Phil Murphy Chooses Radical Policy Over Public Safety

TRENTON, NJ – As Phil Murphy 
prepares for a luxurious trip to Italy, Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican candidate for New Jersey Governor, is telling the truth about Governor Phil Murphy's anti-police agenda and the soaring crime in New Jersey through a new digital advertisement.


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According to Phil Murphy, as the temperatures rise, so does the crime. but Phil Murphy wants New Jersey to sweat it out rather than enforce law and order. 

That's because Phil Murphy supports an anti-police agenda that enables criminals, vandals, and lawlessness, sending crime rates spiking and our communities reeling, choosing radical policy over pubic safety.

 It's no wonder Phil Murphy would rather blame the heat.


"As disappointment, shock, and crime boil over in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy is taking cover in his 23-room mansion in Italy this week," said Ciattarelli. "New Jersey needs a leader that doesn't break down in times of crisis. Come November 2, the people of this state will pick a governor who puts them first while working alongside our brave law enforcement officers to keep our communities safe."



·   Local mayors and chiefs of police directly blame Governor Murphy for the spike in crime on the Jersey Shore.

·   NJ police officers' hands are tied, and Governor Murphy's failures are gaining national attention.

·   State police applications are at an all-time low and retirements are surging. Cops have had enough and the result is a lack of morale and rising crime.


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