NEW: Jack Ciattarelli Releases First TV Ads For 2021 Gubernatorial Election

Ciattarelli introduces himself to voters and highlights failures of 
Governor Phil Murphy in significant ad buy

Somerville, NJ – Jack Ciattarelli, Republican frontrunner for Governor, is hitting the airwaves with two statewide television and digital advertisements, Scared and Alone and ‘Anderson Street’, with a significant ad buy aimed at introducing himself to Garden State voters and holding Governor Phil Murphy accountable for his failures.
Click here or on the image below to watch ‘Scared and Alone’
Scared and alone. That’s how 8,000 seniors and veterans died in our nursing homes during this pandemic. 
They died because Governor Murphy ordered nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients. 
I’m Jack Ciattarelli. The pandemic isn’t easy. We get it. But Phil Murphy’s failures made it worse. 

Vaccinating inmates before seniors, refusing to open our schools, forcing people to wait months before their unemployment, and shutting down small businesses, some forever. 

New Jersey, we can do better. When I am Governor, we will. 
Click here or on the image below to watch ‘Anderson Street’
My story is a New Jersey story, and it all started right here on Anderson Street in Raritan Borough. My parents owned a bar and restaurant and raised their family.
I am Jack Ciattarelli. Jersey is where I started and built two successful Main Street businesses, creating jobs and opportunities for fellow New Jerseyans. 
It’s where Melinda and I raise our four children. This is my home and yours. But New Jersey is broken. You know it, and I know it, and we are going to fix it, together. 
Every one of us has our New Jersey story. As Governor, I’ll work hard every day to ensure our children and their children can write their own. 
*Disclaimer: Public footage for ‘Anderson Street’ was filmed in 2020 prior to the COVID-19 outbreak before personal protective equipment was encouraged or required.
“Our campaign is taking an important step in our quest to make sure Phil Murphy is ‘One and Done in ‘21’,” said Ciattarelli, in launching two statewide ads introducing himself to voters and taking on Governor Murphy’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. “New Jersey is broken and as Governor, I vow to restore affordability, accountability and prosperity to our state. Governor Murphy’s poor decisions have directly led to the deaths of 8,000 seniors and veterans in our nursing homes, shuttered nearly one-third of all small businesses, cheated thousands out of unemployment benefits, sent people and jobs fleeing in record numbers, and kept our children from the classroom for too long. New Jersey deserves better than an out-of-touch governor who doesn’t understand our state or its people. As the grandson of immigrants, MBA/CPA, successful Main Street business owner, and common-sense problem solver, I am ready to come together to fix New Jersey.”
Jack 4 NJ