NJ.com LTE: Botching COVID response is Murphy’s telling moment

The article “5 telling moments between Murphy, Ciattarelli from their feisty final N.J. governor’s debate” did not include Gov. Phil Murphy’s deflection of a question about the thousands of COVID-19 deaths at senior, convalescent and veterans’ facilities, after the Murphy administration ordered facilities with vulnerable populations to readmit patients with the infection.

In addition, Murphy bungled the rollout of vaccines because he did not tailor New Jersey residents’ eligibility for vaccination to match available supplies of vaccine. Had he done this, it could have prevented senior citizens and compromised individuals from spending hundreds of hours online fruitlessly searching for appointments.

Seniors, the compromised and teachers could have easily been staged in cohorts by age groups to assure that the most vulnerable had received the vaccine in a timely manner.

William T. Fidurski, Clark
LTE Page

Jack 4 NJ