NY Daily News LTE: Dirty Laundry List

Your editorial “Vote for Phil Murphy” (Oct. 10) highlights pension payments, an increased minimum wage, the legalization of marijuana and his leadership during the COVID crisis. What leadership? That which has resulted in the second-highest death toll per capita in the country? That which resulted in destroying hundreds if not thousands of small businesses? That which caused unbelievable chaos in the public school system? Maybe it’s the leadership that supports the highest property taxes in the country, the second-worst status of business attraction nationally or the top five highest levels of utility costs, car insurance and overall taxes and fees. Murphy didn’t step up in the Katie Brennen scandal, the women’s prison scandal, the school development agency scandal or the firing of the assistant health commissioner. And he raised the property tax rebate at the highest level by $50. What a man. 

Joseph G. Traynor, Springlake

Jack 4 NJ