Press of Atlantic City LTE: Against Democratic ads

We have a gubernatorial election coming up and this means we’re going to be flooded with political ads. Nothing new there or noteworthy either.

I’m writing because the ad being run by the Democratic Party needs to be commented on. Political parties of course malign the opposition, but this ad attacking Jack Ciattarelli, calling him a white supremacist, is beyond acceptable. It is also stupid.

I’m politically independent, but I’m inclined to think I can’t support a party that is willing to just insult the character, not the policies of a candidate. A group that stupid, and that feels a need to throw the anti-Trump card, is certainly difficult to support. The fact that they apparently think the public is also that dumb and enjoys the vicious division in this state and country does not earn endorsement.

Again, I’m not writing in support of either candidate, but rather expressing disgust with political advisement and leadership that approves this ad.

Norman Mayall, Egg Harbor Township

Jack 4 NJ