Press Releases

Ciattarelli Slams Murphy for Dishonest Double-Dealing on Atlantic City Takeover

GOP frontrunner says Governor Murphy flat out lied to taxpayers and public employees during his campaign

NJEA Refuses Ciattarelli Request for Transparent Endorsement Process

Ciattarelli Reflects On Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jack Ciattarelli, Republican frontrunner for governor, released the following statement in reflection of Holocaust Remembrance Day:

Note from Jack: I oppose mandatory COVID vaccination for K-12 students


Jack Demands Answers from Governor Murphy on Nursing Home Deaths

Ciattarelli: Governor Murphy’s Nursing Home Deaths Scandal Deserves Same Scrutiny as Governor Cuomo’s

Former Assemblyman files records request seeking communications between Murphy and Cuomo Administrations on nursing home deaths scandal

Ciattarelli: Murphy's Budget Is an Insult

Fiscal & Economic Failures Require New Leadership

Ciattarelli Calls on the NJ State Legislature to Appoint an Independent, 9/11-Style Commission to Investigate Nursing Home Deaths

Says failure of Attorney General Grewal and Legislative Democrats to hold Governor Murphy accountable is unconscionable

Ciattarelli: Now is the time for serious voting reform & voter ID

Jack 4 NJ