Raritan-Grounded Ciattarelli Slaps ‘not from NJ’ Murphy - InsiderNJ

RARITAN – Phil Murphy comes from Massachusetts. That may be just political trivia, but to many Republicans, it’s much more than that. “The bottom line is this – he’s not New Jersey.” So said Republican Jack Ciattarelli in announcing plans to run against Murphy in 2021.

This was purely a political kickoff and such rhetoric is common. Yet, the sentiment that the governor is not really a “Jersey guy”  is not unique among Republicans.

Some may recall that Chris Christie made basically the same point when leveling his first extended public criticism of Murphy during a speech last spring to a group of sportsmen in Sussex County.

Ciattarelli’s obvious contention was that Murphy doesn’t really understand what Jersey is all about. Some of this, of course, has more to do with style than substance.

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