Revitalize New Jersey Cities

"For over forty years, New Jersey leadership from both parties has failed our major cities, which continue to be plagued by deep-seated economic injustices, lack of educational opportunities, potentially dangerous health threats and ineffective redevelopment efforts. The future health of our state hinges on our urban centers - with all their unlocked potential - becoming high-powered engines of robust economic opportunity and growth. As Governor, I will implement a holistic, innovative and transformative plan to revitalize New Jersey cities that will achieve real and tangible results." -Jack Ciattarelli

  • Create a cabinet-level position exclusively dedicated to transformative urban community planning that will oversee the further development, implementation, and accountability of these policies
  • Expand school choice through the support of charter schools by
    •  providing facilities funding so more funds are directly allocated to classrooms
    •  allowing public colleges and universities to become authorizers of charter schools 
    •  increasing school autonomy by allowing more leeway in personnel policies and longer charter periods
  •  Empower local, faith-based community organizations that aim to transform urban communities by providing state funds for non-religious health care, affordable housing, or mentorship programs
  • Launch a new Urban Revitalization Initiative that would encourage collaboration between state and local representatives on identifying redevelopment projects, selecting developers through competitive bidding, and using a gap financing attractive to investors to foster dynamic economic development and create affordable and market rate housing opportunities
  • Promote entrepreneurship and locally-owned businesses by supporting and creating community-based, non-profit “custodian” organizations that offer business development services
  • Eliminate “food deserts” by incentivizing supermarket development while also exploring innovative ways to grow more food locally
  •  Establish multi-specialty health centers that will operate under the auspices of teaching community hospitals and will be fully funded using block grants and obtaining waivers for federal Medicaid funding
  • Ensure that drinking water is safe in every community and school district by expediting emergent efforts to replace contaminated pipes and upgrade antiquated water delivery systems


Do you agree?

Jack 4 NJ