Rights & Freedoms

#1: Fix our broken immigration system

“As the grandson of Italian immigrants who came here over 100 years ago to build a better life for themselves, I believe it is imperative that we solve this problem with a view towards our long-held values as well as our continued success as a nation of immigrants. We must not disrespect the efforts and sacrifices of those who came before by expecting less from those who come now.” – Jack Ciattarelli

  • Support the use of a national E-Verify system for employers to confirm eligibility of job applicants to work
  • Advocate for the establishment of a national immigration policy that secures our borders, aligns with American’s principles and respects the rule of law
  • End the so-called "Sanctuary City/State" policies and promote cooperation between federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies
  • Support reform of America’s H-1B and H-2A visa programs to ensure the protection of American workers and restore hiring predictability for American farmers, respectively 
  • Endorse a tough but fair pathway to citizenship for those who stay out of trouble, pay taxes, and learn English and American civics 


#2: Defend the rights of law-abiding citizens

“New Jersey's gun laws are among the strictest in the nation; so strict that many law-abiding citizens understandably consider them an infringement upon Second Amendment rights. Consistent with these rights, we need to prohibit criminals, terrorists and others who may endanger society from obtaining guns, while supporting and defending the Constitutional right of law-abiding citizens keep and bear arms.” – Jack Ciattarelli

  • Reform any law that violates an individual’s constitutional right to due process 
  • Grandfather in any firearm that was legally purchased, but that is deemed illegal in subsequent legislation 
  • Standardize the process by which firearms ID cards and gun carry permits are processed and approved, and oppose all increases in related fees
  • Speed up gun permit application processes with “fast track” status for applicants who face imminent danger (e.g., victims of domestic violence)
  • Advocate for “concealed carry” for certain dangerous professions 
  • Promote and fund additional resources to address the underlying, serious mental health crisis in our country that too often manifests itself in gun violence


#3: Promote Healthy Children & Families

“My wife and I are the proud parents of four children, including one daughter. We believe in and have practiced with our family a culture that values life. As Governor, I will not, however, force a victim of rape or incest to carry a pregnancy to full term, nor will I support policies that require an expectant mother to risk her life or face serious health risks for carrying a pregnancy to term.  Consistent with those principles, my position on related issues can be found below.” – Jack Ciattarelli

  • Support New Jersey’s proposed “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”, which would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks while ensuring all women have access to high-quality prenatal care and education
  • Support parental notification for minors seeking an abortion
  • Oppose taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Oppose the proposed, so-called “Reproductive Freedom Act”, which could allow abortion up to the point of birth 
  • Support education and innovative approaches to reduce teenage and unwanted pregnancies


#4: Secure & Fair Elections

“As Governor, my priority will be to modernize and reform our election system to ensure that as many people as possible are voting and that our election system is secure and fair.” – Jack Ciattarelli

  • Require in-person voting options in all elections
  • Enact voter ID requirements
  • Remove inactive, moved or deceased voters from the voter rolls
  • Promote access to early in-person voting and vote-by-mail
  • Mandate the use of voting systems that provide a paper record of each vote
  • Implement systems that allow for meaningful signature matching checks

Do you agree?

Jack 4 NJ