Stand With Law Enforcement

#1. Restoring Respect for Law Enforcement

“Crime and threats against our police are up, while morale and recruiting are down.  Make no mistake, Phil Murphy’s extreme, far-left policies are to blame.  When I’m Governor, that is going to change.  99.9% of our police officers are good and decent men and women who put their lives on the lines for us.  They deserve a governor who stands with them.” -Jack Ciattarelli

  • Oppose the release of internal affairs and personnel records going back decades – as well as going forward – and restore long-standing protections afforded to law enforcement
  • Oppose Civilian Review Boards with or without subpoena power; Local governing bodies in executive session are the appropriate domain for all disciplinary cases to be heard
  • Oppose eliminating ‘Qualified Immunity’ and mandatory ‘Use of Force’ reporting when a firearm is NOT discharged
  • Fix “Bail Reform” loopholes that currently allow violent and repeat offenders to walk free
  • Support reforms that expand Community Policing, make it easier to dismiss bad officers, recruit more women and persons of color, and enhance cultural competency training and professional development


#2. Protecting Police & Fire Pensions & Benefits

“A lot has changed in the last few years for law enforcement and first responders, and not for the better.  That new reality, and my ongoing conversations with both current and retired law enforcement, has greatly impacted my views on pension and benefit reforms. In recognition of that, I pledge the following as Governor:

  • Absolutely NO changes to police and fire pensions (PFRS) for current workers, retirees, or future recruits; nor other compensation changes that would make a career in law enforcement less desirable.
  • A firm commitment to fully funding obligations to the state pension system and restoring the COLA for retirees.


Do you agree?

Jack 4 NJ