Sussex County Republican Leaders Endorse Ciattarelli for Governor - New Jersey GLOBE

Republican Chairman, Sheriff and Commissioners call Ciattarelli  “common-sense conservative”

Sussex, New Jersey – Republican Gubernatorial candidate and small businessman Jack Ciattarelli received the endorsement of Sussex County Republican Chairman Jerry Scanlan, Sheriff Michael Strada, Commissioner Deputy Director Anthony Fasano, and Commissioners Herbert Yardely and Sylvia Petillo.
Chairman Scanlan said, “I’m supporting Jack because he is the common-sense conservative that we need in Trenton. New Jersey families currently have a Governor who said, ‘if taxes are your issues, we probably aren’t your state,’ and then went on live television and said that the Bill of Rights is above his paygrade. Governor Murphy is an embarrassment to New Jersey. He doesn’t care about making New Jersey fairer or stronger. Unlike Murphy, Jack understands the real issues that need to be fixed: making New Jersey more affordable, lowering our property taxes, reforming our pensions and benefits for state workers, and successfully navigating our economy in the wake of this pandemic. Our state is broken and I believe Jack can fix it” 
Sheriff Strada said, “Governor Murphy has demonstrated time and time again that he doesn’t understand New Jersey. New Jerseyans do not want to be the California of the East Coast. We do not support sanctuary cities and we do not support drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. We need a Governor who will send a clear message to criminals that if you break the law, there are consequences.  We need a Governor who will take the handcuffs off of law enforcement and allow, once again, law enforcement to put them back on criminals, which is why I’m backing Jack.”
Jack 4 NJ