What can the Governor do? To start, he can fire the head of MVC. | Ciattarelli - Save Jersey

Yesterday, thousands of New Jersey residents across the state stood in line for hours as Motor Vehicle Commissions re-opened – seemingly without a plan for the very mess their closing had created.

Let’s be clear, this date did not sneak up on the Governor or his staff. They picked it, knew what was coming, and had months to prepare for it. And yet, as we saw yesterday, the result was an abject failure.

How did this happen? Well one thing we now know is that after refusing to furlough MVC employees during the three months that their offices sat empty, Governor Murphy reversed course and started furloughs for state employees this month – the exact time that agencies were scheduled to re-open. This incompetence cost the state huge amounts of unrealized savings and compounded the difficulties of re-opening to the public.

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