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Jack's Plan

Property Taxes, Business Climate & Affordability

New Jersey's property taxes are the highest in the nation and our state is ranked the worst place to do business. Jack Ciattarelli's top priorities are making New Jersey more affordable by lowering property taxes and growing the economy.

No More Sanctuary State

We are a nation of immigrants, but also one of laws. Jack Ciattarelli will allow local law enforcement agencies to work with federal agencies (e.g.,  ICE) to address illegal immigration. 

More Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

Jack Ciattarelli is committed to ensuring that all persons have access to high-quality care, protecting people with pre-existing conditions and implementing policies that lower the cost of health insurance.

Reform Public Employee Benefits

Our state's public employee benefits system is simply unsustainable. Jack Ciattarelli will usher in comprehensive reforms.

Safeguard Our Environment

Safe drinking water, clean oceans and waterways, and open space preservation are imperative. Jack Ciattarelli will be a green Governor.

“We need bold leadership.  Leadership that fights for everyday New Jerseyans. Leadership that understands how to fix what’s broken.”

Jack Ciattarelli 

Jack 4 NJ