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Jack’s Story is a Jersey Story

Jack Ciattarelli is ready to fix New Jersey! Help him do it by joining his campaign for governor today!

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Jack's Plan

“It’s time for common sense.
It’s time to solve our problems.
It’s time to build the New Jersey we deserve.”

Lower Property Taxes

#1: Lower property taxes to make home ownership more affordable
#2: Reform the tax code to help families and make New Jersey competitive

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Stronger Economy

#1: Build an open economy to promote growth and opportunity for all
#2: Upgrade infrastructure to improve safety and facilitate commerce

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Affordable Healthcare

#1: Make healthcare more affordable and protect medical freedom

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Rights & Freedoms

#1: Fix our broken immigration system
#2: Defend the rights of law-abiding citizens
#3: Promote healthy children and families
#4: Secure & Fair Elections

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Stand With Law Enforcement

#1 Restore respect for the rule of law
#2 Protect police and fire pensions

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“We need bold leadership.  Leadership that fights for everyday New Jerseyans. Leadership that understands how to fix what’s broken.”

Jack Ciattarelli 

Jack 4 NJ