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Jack's Plan

“It’s time for common sense.
It’s time to solve our problems.
It’s time to build the New Jersey we deserve.”

Lower Property Taxes

#1: Lower property taxes to make home ownership more affordable
#2: Reform the tax code to help families and make New Jersey competitive

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Stronger Economy

#1: Build an open economy to promote growth and opportunity for all
#2: Upgrade infrastructure to improve safety and facilitate commerce

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Stand With Law Enforcement

#1 Restore respect for the rule of law
#2 Protect police and fire pensions

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Rights & Freedoms

#1: Fix our broken immigration system
#2: Defend the rights of law-abiding citizens
#3: Promote healthy children and families
#4: Secure & Fair Elections

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Combating Anti-Semitism & Prejudice

"As Governor, I will promote diversity and inclusion, and speak out loudly against prejudice or racism of any kind, including the virulent strain of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment that has targeted our Jewish friends and neighbors in New...

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Affordable Healthcare

#1: Make healthcare more affordable and protect medical freedom

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Freedom for Freelancers

#1. End the Murphy Labor Department’s policy enshrining the outdated ABC test as the employee classification standard, which is not fair to writers, musicians, nurses, online teachers, and many others who wish to operate as independent contractors.

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Improve Education & Empower Parents

#1. Create school-based parent councils to advise local school boards on curriculum selection, learning modality and potential school closures and other health and safety measures; require public hearings before decisions in these areas are implemented.

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Affordable Energy & Clean Environment

“To attain the cleanest environment possible and address climate change, we must minimize pollutants and carbon emissions, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and ultimately transition to cleaner, renewable energy sources. This must be done respon...

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Revitalize New Jersey Cities

#1: Create a cabinet-level position exclusively dedicated to transformative urban community planning that will oversee the further development, implementation, and accountability of these policies

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Honoring And Thanking Veterans

 #1: Fully investigate the high death and infection rates from Covid-19 in our state-run veterans’ nursing homes, hold those responsible to account, and ensure nothing like that ever happens again.
#2: Preserve funding for military and veterans’ affairs and the earned benefits of veterans

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“We need bold leadership.  Leadership that fights for everyday New Jerseyans. Leadership that understands how to fix what’s broken.”

Jack Ciattarelli 

Jack 4 NJ